The end of the Chinese New Year saw an auspicious gathering between the JLP Heads of District with the founder of Malaysiasatu (M1), Paul Hata, at the residence of Shirley, a partner of M1.
The gathering was the first of its kind, and the first of many more to come. This was where all the JLP members could get together and get to know one another in a more intimate setting, and also to discuss the progress of the M1 and the programs which are to be run by JLP.

Among the important matters discussed were:

1) M1 is applying for the status of University College instead of just a normal college. This would be a great leap forward in the types of programs that M1 would be able to offer. The only setback of this, however, is that there will be a delay in the beginning of the programs that JLP will be able to teach. In short, we will have to wait a few more months before we are able to teach.

2) The Coordinator of JLP, Mr Abdullah Mohd Nawi, will be away on PhD study leave. For this duration, Mr Khairul Hisham (Head of District - Pontian) will be taking the over the post of Interim Coordinator as well as HOD of Pontian.

3) JLP Executive Committee

Coordinator - Abdullah Mohd Nawi (away on study leave)
Interim Coordinator - Khairul Hisham Ali

HOD Johor Bahru - Nor Fadzleen Sa'don
HOD Skudai - Ady Mukhtarrudin Mustaffa Ng
HOD Kulai - Julia Abdul Muttalip
HOD Pontian - Khairul Hisham Ali

It is hoped that under the leadership of the JLP Executive Committee, language practitioners all over Johor will be able fulfil their potential, and most of all, gain satisfaction through their skills and their hard work.

"Stand and Be Recognised"

Abdullah Mohd Nawi
Johor Language Professionals

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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It is now the beginning of the new semester for University, and teachers all over Johor are clamouring over their to-do lists in preparation of the new year ahead. Yes folks, holidays are over and it's the start of a brand new year, with brand new opportunities ahead!
Recently the JLP coordinator and JLP district coordinators had a meeting with the founder of Malaysiasatu, Paul Hata, which determined the direction for the year ahead. It was here that we were found out that we were not merely involved in a service for part-time jobs, but more importantly, that we were a part of an organisation working for the greater good of underprivileged children in so many different parts of Asia. What we are doing here is changing their lives for the better. For JLP members who are not aware of what I am talking about, I will set up meetings with Paul Hata specially for all to be involved (if you are interested that is).

Whatever your objectives may be, whether to supplement your income, or to supplement your income while helping others, you are a invaluable member of the team, and we welcome you on board with open arms!

Here's to the year ahead.

"Stand and Be Recognised"

Abdullah Mohd Nawi
Johor Language Professionals

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear JLP members,

The year is drawing to a close and it is now time to take up your hard-earned rest! Recharge and soon you will be ready to go again.
Here are three important updates:

1) JLP members teaching UTM courses (either UHB1412 or UHB2422) are invited to reapply for next semester. Send your forms (complete with resume etc) to me via my pigeonhole in the D05 main office. Please remember that these are premium jobs, so the vacant teaching spots are VERY LIMITED.

2) Members who are not teaching UTM courses but would like to try their luck in doing so are also invited to apply.

3) Malaysiasatu language courses will start in January, as to give you breathing space to relax with your families during the holidays. Even if you have applied for UTM, I would strongly recommend you apply for Malaysiasatu courses in case you do not get the UTM jobs. Even though the renumeration is not as large as UTM, it is considered very competitive among its class, with other similar programs offering less.

That's it for now... Remember to send your resumes to me, both hardcopy to my pigeonhole (or any way you can), and a softcopy to either one of these addresses:

or even the JLP official e-mail address:

Enjoy your holidays!

"Stand and Be Recognised"

Abdullah Mohd Nawi
Johor Language Professionals

Welcome to the Johor Language Professionals (JLP) blog!

If you are here, then it can only mean THREE things:

1) You are in Johor
2) You are a Language Teaching/Training Professional
3) You want to be part of an ever-expanding team of dedicated professionals who have decided to be recognised and rewarded for their quality of work

If you think this is you, then you are in the right place at the right time.

Many teachers feel that they are overworked yet underutilised, underappreciated, and underpaid.
Many teachers feel that we have so much potential, that they have so much to give, but have never really been given the opportunity to do anything about it.

Johor Language Professionals is a non-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to provide YOU with the opportunities you deserve.

WE have the contacts and the teaching/training opportunities.
YOU have the expertise.

When you sign up, you are automatically placed in a pool of instructors who will be offered PART-TIME assignments the instant they become available. These assignments may include lecturing undergraduates, teaching English proficiency courses, speaking engagements and an assortment of various courses, depending on the institution/company offering the job.

We currently service:

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (University website)

  • UHB 1412 - English for Academic Communication
  • UHB 2422 - Advanced English for Academic Communication

  • Offered only during Semester I (June - October) and Semester II (December - April)
  • 2 hrs per session, 2 sessions per week (Total = 4 hours/week)
  • RM120 per hour
  • Course materials provided
  • Minimum Qualification: B.Ed/B.Sc TESL (or equivalent)

Malaysiasatu (Company website)

  • Offered all year round, depending on supply and demand
  • 2 hrs per session @ RM70/hr, 2 sessions per week (Cambridge English, CELA)
  • 2 hrs per session @ RM70/hr, 1 -2 sessions per week (Corporate Training)
  • 2 hrs per session @ RM100/hr, 3 sessions per week (Diploma courses)
  • Course materials provided
  • Training provided
  • Minimum Qualification: B.Ed/B.Sc (preferably TESL)

The secondary purpose JLP is to provide a network between teachers to share their thoughts and ideas, and also to share additional teaching/training opportunities they may come across.

This can be done here on our new FACEBOOK page. Register on Facebook (if you haven't already done so) and find the Facebook page with the same name. Click 'Become a Fan', and then you will have access to the discussion board.

Join us now!
All we need from you is your Resume/Curriculum Vitae to be sent to: or

Here's to our future together as part of the team.

"Stand and Be Recognised"

Abdullah Mohd Nawi
Johor Language Professionals